Carbon Offsetting through Native Reforestation

  • 119,757native trees planted
  • 59,878tons of CO2
  • 7forests created
    and counting!
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Why reforest?

Deforestation is the second largest cause of climate change.

Deforestation and changes in land use have contributed to 20% of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG),
becoming the second largest cause of climate change.
CO2 is one of the main components of GHG.

Our CO2 emissions

In Chile, an average citizen produces between 4 and 5 tons of CO2 each year. GHG emissions in our country have risen 166% in the last 14 years.

Temperate Rainforest

Patagonia houses the largest temperate rainforest extension in the world. Preventing the deforestation is relevant to fight against climate changes.

Why Patagonia

More than one million hectares have been deforested in Chilean Patagonia. We must restore this natural lung to increase the absorption of CO2.

The Project

Patagonia Sur's initiative is a pioneering certified project in using native-species
trees to offset CO2 emissions.

Verified Carbon Standard

Patagonia Sur's Native Reforestation Project is accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Plantation Technique

Trees are planted in a random pattern that replicates the growth of a native forest. The native-species trees planted are: Coigue, Lenga y Ñirre.


Once the reforestation areas are defined, each tree will have a Google Earth geotagged marker to indicate the exact location of the planted trees.


Besides reducing CO2 emissions, we are expanding the natural environment
for the local wildlife and creating jobs.

Biodiversity Benefits

  • Improve habitats for the region’s wildlife such as Puma, Condor and Huemul.
  • Reduce the number of invasive plant species.

Social Benefits

  • Expand production of native tree nurseries which means sustainable jobs for the local community.
  • Generate technical knowledge in native tree nurseries and plantation process.

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